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Operations Begin at Asahi Kasei's New Multi-module Hydrogen Plant

Kawasaki, Japan - In a significant leap towards a sustainable energy future, Asahi Kasei, a leading Japanese technology firm, has officially commenced operations at its state-of-the-art hydrogen pilot plant in Kawasaki. This pioneering initiative, which began in early 2024, marks a crucial step in the commercialization of large-scale green hydrogen production.

The pilot plant features an innovative multi-module system, consisting of four 0.8 MW Aqualyzer™ modules, designed to optimize green hydrogen production from renewable energy sources. This setup is pivotal for testing the system under real-world conditions, including fluctuating power inputs from solar and wind energy, simulating the challenges of green hydrogen production.

Masami Takenaka, Lead Executive Officer at Asahi Kasei, emphasized the plant's role as a milestone not only for the company but for the global hydrogen industry at large. "We are confident that the successful operation of our equipment in this testing facility will pave the way for commercial-scale multi-module alkaline water electrolyzers and, ultimately, the realization of a hydrogen-based society," Takenaka stated.

The project, supported by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) through the Green Innovation Fund, is a testament to Asahi Kasei's commitment to advancing hydrogen technology and its application across various sectors. With plans to start commercial activities for its alkaline water electrolyzers in 2025, Asahi Kasei is poised to play a significant role in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

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