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Hydrogen-Electric Fuel Cell Innovator PowerCell Secures Funding for Expansion

In a significant move towards the maritime industry's sustainable transformation, Swedish hydrogen-electric fuel cell specialist, PowerCell, has successfully secured a loan of Skr50.0M (US$4.7M) to finance its continued expansion. This strategic financial boost, facilitated by Nordea and partially guaranteed by the European Investment Fund’s InvestEU Sustainability Guarantee, marks a pivotal step for PowerCell in its quest to capture a larger market share among maritime Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Since the onset of 2024, PowerCell has been actively seeking working capital funding to transition from project sales to a more market-driven growth strategy through long-term OEM contracts. This shift towards an industrial OEM business model necessitates a substantial build-up of capital, a challenge that PowerCell has now adeptly navigated.

The company's innovative hydrogen-electric solutions are witnessing increasing demand from major OEM customers, signaling a growing commercial application for its products. Notably, PowerCell has recently committed to delivering two 100-kW marine fuel cells to retrofit the research vessel Prince Madog with a hydrogen-electric hybrid propulsion system, a project supported by the UK Department for Transport under the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 3.

This funding not only underscores PowerCell's leadership in the hydrogen-electric sector but also its commitment to reducing emissions and fostering a more sustainable world. As the maritime industry continues to seek greener alternatives, PowerCell's advancements in hydrogen-electric technology are setting a new standard for innovation and sustainability.

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