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HDEX Welcomes New Advisory Board Members Amidst a Series of Groundbreaking Achievements



HDEX, the world's pioneering hydrogen exchange, is thrilled to announce the addition of three distinguished professionals to its advisory board: Monique Morrow, Robert Flohr, and Dale Anne Bourjaily. This strategic move is set to bolster HDEX's mission of revolutionizing the global hydrogen market through innovation and expertise.

Monique Morrow brings a wealth of experience in technology and ethics, Robert Flohr offers deep insights into global finance, and Dale Anne Bourjaily is renowned for her strategic leadership in environmental sustainability. Their collective expertise will undoubtedly propel HDEX towards achieving its ambitious goals.

HDEX is raising its next round of funding and continues to achieve significant milestones, including becoming the first UK company to join the technological revolution in Camarines Norte, Philippines, and launching the groundbreaking "Hydrogen Horizons 2024-2050" market report. Additionally, HDEX's introduction of HydroGenius AI, a revolutionary AI tool, and its partnerships in the project and sustainable transit initiatives underscore its commitment to fostering a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Aron Dutta, Chairman of HDEX, stated, “These accomplishments, coupled with the strategic expansion of our advisory board, position HDEX at the forefront of the hydrogen sector's evolution. HDEX is set to continue its trajectory of innovation and leadership, driving the global transition towards a more sustainable and connected future.”

About HDEX: At HDEX, we are committed to advancing the possibilities within the evolving hydrogen market, offering a reliable platform for seamless trade and contributing to the sustainable future of energy. HDEX is a global company based in the United Kingdom. For more information, please join our Hydrogen Hub at

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