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Gold Hydrogen: The Next "Gold Rush" in Clean Energy

Start-ups and researchers worldwide are racing to uncover sources of "gold hydrogen," a revolutionary form of energy that could transform the clean fuel industry. Recent geological findings suggest that naturally occurring hydrogen, known as gold hydrogen or white hydrogen, may be abundant underground, offering a low-cost and low-impact energy solution.

As recently reported by the Financial Times and Hydrogen insight, there is an optimistic US Geological Survey (USGS) report, shared by researcher Geoffery Ellis. This report indicates there may be up to five trillion tonnes of natural hydrogen located underground in the world.

Gold hydrogen is a naturally occurring gas trapped in underground pockets, akin to oil and natural gas. It forms deep underground and can be extracted via drilling without energy-intensive synthesis. This colorless, odorless gas burns cleanly, yielding only water upon combustion.

In October 2023, researchers discovered a substantial reservoir of natural hydrogen in northeastern France's Lorraine coal basin, potentially harboring 250 million tonnes of hydrogen—sufficient to meet global demand for over two years. Other smaller reserves have been identified in Spain, Mali, Namibia, Brazil, and the US. Though no discoveries have been made in the UK, experts are exploring the possibility. According to the US Geological Survey, vast reserves of gold hydrogen may lie underground, potentially meeting global hydrogen demand for centuries.

Gold hydrogen presents a promising avenue for clean and abundant energy. Despite challenges and uncertainties, ongoing research and exploration efforts are paving the way for a potential "gold rush" in the natural hydrogen industry, signaling a transformative shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

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