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ExxonMobil and Air Liquide Join Forces for World's Largest Low-Carbon Hydrogen Project

ExxonMobil, a global leader in the energy and petrochemical industry, has recently announced a significant partnership with Air Liquide, a world-renowned industrial gases company, to bolster what is set to become the world's largest low-carbon hydrogen production project. Located at ExxonMobil's facility in Baytown, Texas, this ambitious initiative aims to revolutionize the production of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia, marking a pivotal step towards a cleaner energy future.

Under this partnership, Air Liquide will construct and operate four Large Modular Air separation units (LMAs) at the Baytown site. These units are designed to supply a staggering 9,000 metric tons of oxygen and up to 6,500 metric tons of nitrogen daily, essential components in the production of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia. Notably, the LMAs will utilize primarily low-carbon electricity, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the entire project.

This collaboration is not just about producing low-carbon hydrogen; it's about creating an ecosystem that supports the growth of the hydrogen market along the U.S. Gulf Coast. By leveraging Air Liquide's existing pipeline network, the project aims to facilitate the distribution of low-carbon hydrogen to industrial customers, helping them decarbonize their operations.

ExxonMobil's Baytown project is expected to set a new standard in hydrogen production, capturing more than 98% of the associated CO2 emissions. This initiative underscores the critical role of partnerships in advancing the hydrogen economy and achieving net-zero emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

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