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Drilling For Hydrogen?


Yes, it is possible to drill for hydrogen. Recent findings suggest that there may be additional geological sources of hydrogen that can be extracted similar to how we extract oil. Researchers have been studying a site in Bulqizë, Albania, where miners accidentally drilled into a gold hydrogen reservoir. This discovery raises the question of whether hydrogen has a parallel geological system with large subsurface reservoirs that can be tapped into.

Gold Hydrogen is considered a potential green energy source as it only produces water as a byproduct when burned. However, the majority of hydrogen production currently relies on processing methane, which releases greenhouse gases. Finding alternative sources of hydrogen, such as geological reservoirs, could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with hydrogen production.

In the case of the Bulqizë mine, explosions occurred after the miners drilled through a fault in the rocks, releasing hydrogen. Further investigations revealed that over 200 tons of hydrogen were being released from the mine each year. The rocks in the mine did not contain enough hydrogen to account for this flow rate, leading researchers to consider the possibility of a hydrogen reservoir.

Researchers are actively studying potential indicators to identify such reservoirs. One potential indicator is the presence of specific types of ophiolite, such as harzburgite, dunite, and chromite. These rock types, along with other geological configurations, may provide clues to the presence of hydrogen reservoirs.

The search for geologic hydrogen is still in its early stages, similar to the search for oil in the 19th century. However, the discovery in Bulqizë provides valuable data and insights into the potential of hydrogen reservoirs. Further research and exploration are needed to determine the extent and viability of extracting hydrogen from geological sources.


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